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Camplified Founder Dishes On Relationships Formed Through Our Organization

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Camplified founder Aimee Berger (second from right) hangs out with
DPS co-founder Chris Balogh and Frolic! play space founder Carey Balogh.

Eleven years ago, I embarked on creating a property called “Camplified,” which focuses on bringing emerging bands and artists on the cusp of taking big strides in their career into summer camps across the nation. This captive audience of campers was just the right forum to introduce new music to a viable market of teen tastemakers. Later, it would become a unique platform for brands to utilize this vehicle, as well. This was all part of the plan, and as a company, we set out to be present at camp conferences, industry executive offices and introductions to various brand managers. What I did not envision was the relationships in camping that would take place on a personal level and become part of my everyday life. I was not aware of the amount of time that camp directors, owners and other camp-related businesses devoted outside their day-to-day roles to their own companies to support various charities that were dedicated to bringing those children financially unable to go to camp to have the opportunity to do just that – attend camp. Organizations like SCOPE NY, Midwest and this year, Southeast as well as Morry’s Camp, have put in endless hours for which this write-up could not do justice to change the lives of young children who, without these organizations, would have most definitely turned down a different path. Many of those children have now become leaders in our community and are the first to acknowledge this is because of the commitment of SCOPE and Morry’s Camp. This year will mark the first time I have been given the privilege to join the dinner committee for SCOPE (event takes place April 17th, 2012) and appointed Entertainment Chair.  What exactly does that mean? Don’t worry, you are about to be hit up for donations, gift bag items, raffle prizes, purchasing tickets to the dinner and/or sponsoring because without YOU making a difference, others less fortunate than you do not always have a chance to embark on a path to advance themselves, get educated and develop the social skills that happen at summer camp. (more…)

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