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Camplified Blog

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Camplified 2013 Sizzle Reel

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Hey Campers! We JUST released our 2013 sizzle reel and you can check out some of the highlights from this past summer here!

Our sizzle reel features your favorite artists like Trevor Jackson, Payton Rae, Wellington, Blush, Dan Godlin, Alabama Capital, DJ Mikey Thomas, and Benton Blount. Watch it above to relive some of the great memories from this summer and get pumped for the next one!

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Guest Blog 2: Kristina Lachaga

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Kristina Lachaga has been rockin’ Camplified this season with her catchy tunes and bubbly personality. You may remember when The Girl With The Big Pink Heart wrote her first guest blog. Well Kristina is now a Camplified veteran and wanted to share her experience on the coolest concert around! Check out her second guest blog below:

Hi Campers!

Kristina Lachaga (a.k.a. The Girl With The Big Pink Heart) here again updating you on #TourLife! Hope you’re having a fabulous summer at camp – I know Camplified is the highlight of my summer for sure! From long hours in the car to late nights and early mornings being on the road is tough, but absolutely worth it because we, as artists, get to create an amazing concert just for you!

Here’s a look at my typical day on the Camplified Tour!

1. Wake up extra early! And don’t oversleep like some people…not saying any names…Brad and Chris…haha. We stayed up late using bicycles pumps to blow up inflatable microphones in our hotel’s lobby. We got some strange looks from people checking in……I wonder why?!?

2. Arrive at Camp for Soundcheck! We got there extra early.

3. Time to sign posters! We pre-signed approximately 600 posters getting ready for one of our shows. (Brad likes to draw snails on his posters –look for one of his masterpieces on yours!)

4. Activities!!! It’s like a Camplified Carnival (: I had a blast with the Cartoon Network games, teaching some guitar at the Daisy Rock Guitar Center (and doing some sing alongs, too!), rockin’ out with the Roland keytar and vocal processor, taking green screen photos with fans, and doing interviews with Fanlala.com and Justine Magazine! I got a little sunburned……ummm, pass the sunscreen, please!

5. Hang out backstage! Chris, Brad, Dan and I (with special guest Karlee) jammed while waiting to kick off the concert. I also had so so so much fun hanging out with Blush (Check them out on Twitter HERE) –they are so funny and talented!

6. Showtime! The feeling I get when I am on stage performing is so surreal. I can’t even describe it, but it is like a dream come true and I love it. It was great to be able to watch my fellow Camplified artists, too –everyone is truly amazing!

7. Meet and Greet!! (a.k.a. my second favorite part to the actual concert!) I had an AMAZING time performing for and meeting my fans – you guys are the reason I do this! I love you! Here’s some fan photos!

8. That’s a Wrap! I filmed a quick video with Blush before heading out – Check it out HERE 

9. Repeat steps 1-8. (:

I’ve had such a blast on the Camplified Tour. It means so much to me when I see you in the audience with a smile on your face –that’s when I know I’m doing my job(: See you on tour!


Kristina Lachaga

The Girl With The Big Pink Heart

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Guest Blog: 3union

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Brother trio 3union has been rockin’ Camplified this season with their awesome riffs and super fun personalities. Brandon, the lead singer and guitarist, wrote a guest blog about what their experience has been like on tour. Check out below, his post about how much fun they’ve been having going from camp to camp, and the memories they are making on the way:

Hey guys, this is Brandon with 3union. Today, we’re driving home after our 4th concert on the Camplified tour. We had the privilege of playing at Blue Ridge Camp in Georgia with our new friends Payton Rae, Rebecca McGown, Wellington, and DJ Salerno for an incredible group of campers and staff.  What an experience!

It started out like every other camp. The Camplified team had everything set up and ready to go. We headed out to teach a guitar clinic at the Daisy Rock Guitars tent. Kids all around us were enjoying all the Cartoon Network events when all of the sudden it started pouring down rain.

Now you may think that would be the end of the activities, but no way! Everyone pitched in to grab guitars, flying tents, sound equipment, whatever needed to be brought in from the storm and set up everything inside where the fun continued.

Let’s just call it teamwork! That’s what Camplified has been for us. From the Camplified team, to the artists, to the sound engineers, and the camps, we’re one big team all working together, cheering for each other, and finishing each night strong in spite of challenging circumstances. All great life lessons!

I’m not joking when I say this has been one of the best tour experiences we’re ever had. We have been encouraged and stretched, gained numerous new friends and fans. I just wish every young artist could have such a positive experience.

It’s hard to believe we only have one more day on the Camplified Tour. We’ll be heading to Camp Tanuga to meet up with Alabama Capital and The Strange Familiar to make our last appearance on the tour. None of us want that day to come! We have had such an amazing time going to different camps, meeting awesome campers and counselors, and having fun with everybody.  I can safely say that my brothers and I will cherish the memories from this adventure the rest of our lives.

Thank you Camplified, Cartoon Network, Daisy Rock, Roland, Scholastic, and all the other sponsors and partners and of course, we want to thank all the camps and campers for making this a summer we will never forget!


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Guest Blog: Dan Godlin

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

The Camplified Crew has been having a ton of fun on the road with Dan Godlin, the pop singer who has been crushin’ it this summer with his catchy melodies and magnetic personality. As former camper and counselor himself, Dan wanted to reach out to you all and let you know what a good time he’s having coming to all your camps. Check out his guest blog below:

Today at Surprise Lake Camp was incredible! It was our 4th show on the tour and probably one of the best so far. We feel so comfortable spending our days at summer camp, that by the end of each performance, we’re tempted to stay the night! (Maybe because we’re exhausted by the time we finish, but still… It’s true).

There’s a certain energy at camp that is unparalleled to any other place in the world. And for me, camp has always been my second home. I was a camper for six years at CYJ in New Hampshire, and I loved it so much that I continued on to become a counselor for another three.

I can remember very clearly the one evening activity that my whole camp looked forward to the entire summer – It was that big concert put on by a few up-and-coming rock bands. These guys were my idols. I was shocked, amazed, jealous, enthused… the whole nine yards… whenever the “stars” came to camp. Although I had always wished for it at the time, I never imagined that someday I would actually be up on that stage myself.

Dan Rockin' The Crowd At Camp Weequahic

And here I am now… Performing my music in front of camps just like my own, and loving every minute of it. This whole experience has been very surreal, and yet so natural to me. Moments after we arrive at each camp, I can already feel the familiarity rushing back to me. I gain this immediate connection with “camp life” again, which has allowed me to engage with the kids on deeper level.

Dan Teaching Campers How To Play Guitar At The Daisy Rock Guitar Clinic

Due to my past, I walk away from each show feeling that I gave the campers something truly memorable, and familiar, to take away from this whole concert experience. It’s so exciting and rewarding to be apart of the Camplified family. This tour has given me the opportunity to share my journey with others who are living a similar one, and to inspire young kids to always dream big, like me.

I’m really looking forward to these next five shows because I know they’re going to be just as special as the first four! Thank you, Camplified, for making this once in a lifetime experience come true. See you on the road!


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