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Camplified 2013: Sign Up Now!

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Camplified is back at it again, entering its 12th season and making Camplified history – we are crossing the border into Canadian summer camps for the first time.

2013 is going to be the biggest year of Camplified yet and you can be part of it!

We’re accepting artist submissions NOW. Want to rock out in front of thousands of kids at camps across the country, connect with youth-based brands, and join a legendary roster of artists? Submit now!

More info in our press release below:


CAMPLIFIED TOUR accepting Artist Submissions FOR SUMMER 2013


Watch the CAMPLIFIED Sizzle Reel

NEW YORK (January 10, 2013) – Entering its 12th season, the 2013 CAMPLIFIED TOUR is searching for more talent to rock 60,000+ kids in 60+ summer camps across the United States and for its first-ever stops in Canada!  CAMPLIFIED is the definitive VIP concert experience for teens and tweens, creating a unique and exclusive one-day music festival environment at every stop.

In a music industry constantly trying to find creative ways to market new artists, CAMPLIFIED is a one-of-a-kind tour that fills 135 performance slots and gives emerging artists an unbelievable, cost-effective platform to directly connect with their target audiences, while further developing themselves into true rock stars.

Embraced by Billboard as “Lollapalooza for the Justin Bieber-loving crowd” and declared “a highly anticipated event” by the New York Times, CAMPLIFIED (www.CAMPLIFIED.com) brings over 25 talented and emerging artists to campers aged 6-17, many of whom will be experiencing their first-ever rock concert.

CAMPLIFIED creates a daylong interactive fantasy experience where every camper receives an “All-Access Pass” to the festival and kicks off with artists joining campers for full day of sponsor-branded activities before the “The Big Show,” a 90-minute concert at night. The festival experience culminates in post-concert “meet-n-greets,” complete with up-close-and-personal autograph and picture taking sessions with artists.

Artist/Band submissions for review will be accepted at: http://camplified.com/Main/Submissions.

Previous artists include Trevor Jackson (Atlantic Records), co-star of the new #1 Disney Channel movie, Let It Shine, teen pop superstar, Cody Simpson (Atlantic Records), 2AM Club (RCA Records), Savvy (Cash Money Records), Wellington (Youtube pop/rock sensations), Lucy Woodward (Verve/Universal), and Jonas Sees in Color (Glassnote Records).  As an interactive music event, CAMPLIFIED creates a lifelong bond between artists and fans through personal connection, and prides itself on featuring artists on the cusp of stardom.

CAMPLIFIED (www.CAMPLIFIED.com), developed by Aimee Berger and powered by Primary Wave Music (www.PrimaryWaveMusic.com) – one of the largest music publishing, marketing and talent management companies in the US – is a summer concert tour unlike any other!

Press contact

Alex Masel | Primary Wave Music | amasel@primarywavemusic.com | 212.584.8066

Other inquiries

Aimee Berger | Primary Wave Music | aberger@primarywavemusic.com | 212.584.8066

For More Timely Camplified Updates:

“Like” Camplified on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/KB7vbf

“Follow” Camplified on Twitter: @Camplified


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Another Camplified Season in the Books!

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

The Camplified staff would like to thank our incredible artists, fantastic camps, super-cool sponsors, hard-working crew, and fearless leader Aimee Berger for making this season one of the greatest in Camplified history.

There have been some amazing moments this summer and there are only more to come as we gear up for next year. Keep tuned to the Camplified blog for more guest posts, exclusive photos and videos, artist updates, and more!

Rock on Campers!


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Guest Blog: Rebecca McGown

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Pop/country songstress Rebecca McGown has been all over the country with Camplified this season treating campers to her amazing voice and catchy tunes. She’s made a lot of friends and fans along the way and wanted to reach out to let all you campers know how much she appreciates your support. Check out Rebecca’s guest blog below:

Hello Campers! This is Rebecca McGown, I wanted to do a blog thanking all of my new fans and friends that I made on this camplified tour and reminiscing some of my most favorite experiences. There were SO many amazing memories that came from your camps, memories that are going to stay with me my whole life. 

In my months at Camplified, I met several young people who have such amazing hearts. I truly felt blessed to be able to perform and meet these amazing kids.  There were a few times where I was unsure of myself, trying to figure out who I was, remember where I came from and still appeal to the crowd. These were the hardest times for me, but it seemed the second I had self-doubt, one of you were there to build me up. I was so flattered by the compliments you guys showered me with and most importantly, I was touched by the support you guys provided for my music.

My favorite days (aside from performing) were the days I would get “fan mail”. I absolutely love connecting with my fans; one in-particular was Mason in IL. She wrote to me on a day I was really feeling homesick and reminded me why I signed up to be away from my friends and family for so long. I realized, while reading her letter how extremely worth it, this whole thing was. Instead of missing my friends back home, I was making new friends all over the country!

Of course, The performing was amazing, The first time I took the stage, I was SO nervous. I had rehearsed with my band, practiced as much as humanly possible and still remember the butterflies in my stomach. Once I got passed that first performance, it was smooth sailing. I would still get nervous but it was so much fun, the nerves were almost welcomed!

Dancing before a performance!

I was worried that it would be lonely  on the road, and there were times that I wanted to see Arizona but for the most part, it was so much fun I didn’t have time to be lonely! My band was amazing to hang out with and share hilarious moments behind the scenes.

Hangin’ with the band

When I was at the camps, you guys were so cool to hang out with! I loved the “guitar lessons” I got to give. And the meet and greets were the highlight of my time at the camps!

“Guitar Lessons” at the Daisy Rock Tent

Overall, I am hoping to personally thank each and every camper for being so incredibly hospitable and really turning my dream into reality. It is absolutely a lot of hard work and dedication that I am so glad to give. I would not change my experience with Camplified for the world!


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Guest Blog: Brandon and Savannah

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Pop stars Brandon and Savannah had a great time on the Camplified tour this season and guess what? They want to tell you about it!

The brother-sister duo wrote a guest blog about every camp they went to this summer. Check it out, along with some super cool photos below:

Hi! It’s Savannah I hope you are well… Brandon and I wrote up a little blog type thing summarizing all the fun we had at all the camps and of course Camplified. I am going to send pictures of our experience in another email but under this is the blog.. Thanks so much!!!

Frank A. Day- This was our first camp to perform for. Not knowing what to expect we were blown away by how receptive and energetic the crowd was. Not only was the crowd amazing but the camplified staff was so welcoming! We met Dan Godlin and Ariana and the Rose! We all became friends very quickly! What an amazing star to the tour!

Camp 92Y-  On our way to this camp we heard the news that because of a storm passing over, the performance would be moved to an indoor facility. The crowd was made up of mostly younger kids and counselors who were very energetic and involved in the performance. Had an awesome time now getting on a plane to head to Florida for our Eagles Landing and the Night Owls show!!

Eagles Landing and the Night Owls- This camp is located in Boca Raton, Florida which is our  home town! It’s crazy being here and performing. Activities went amazing with the kids. They seemed to really enjoy the fact that we lived near them. When it came time for the show the crowd was crazy fun! Everyone danced and sang the music. This camp was definitely one of our favorites.

Geyer Family Montclair Y- When we got to this camp we noticed posters all over of the camplified performers. We met BLUSH for the first time as well! We had a blast hanging out with the kids. When showtime came we performed second following Karlee. The crowd was a blast to perform for. Everyone was very involved and had a great time!

North Shore Day Camp- When we pulled up to this camp we couldn’t believe how beautiful the whole property was! It looked like Disney world. When we met the kids they were really nice and seemed excited for the show. We performed with Payton Rae, Blush, and My Electric Heart! Overall the show was great!

Camp Matoaka- After an 8 hour drive we finally made it to Maine. The camp property was beautiful! Brandon was excited that this was an all girl camp ha! Anyway, once it was time to perform we could hear the screams from the girls! It was insane how amazing the crowd was. This was another favorite!

Brookwood Camps- When we arrived at this camp we saw Rebecca Mcgown, Dan Godlin, and Hey Guy. When we first met the kids we weren’t sure which songs they would like to hear for the show. After rehearsing, the show turned out amazing! The kids were so interactive and fun! All of us acts for the first time performed ‘We are Young’ together! Had a great time.

Golden Slipper Camp- The camp grounds were amazing at this camp. Everyone really went out if there way to make us all feel at home. After an afternoon of awesome activities, we ate dinner in a huge dining hall with all the screaming kids! It was so much fun meeting everyone! When showtime came everyone was very energetic and fun. This camp was our last with Dan Godlin which as sad because we all did a song together at the end of the show and we became really close! Overall Golden Slipper was awesome!

Camp Arrowhead- This was a day camp so we were up bright and early ready to perform. At this show we met Kaymus, and The Strange Familiar! It rained, so luckily the show was sheltered. The kids were really fun and seemed to have had a great time! Were almost done with our tour now which is sad :(..

Camp Starlight- Unfortunately this was our last sleep away camp. But luckily it was another one of our favorite shows! The set up of the show was like an outdoor music festival. The stage was set up outside on a hill looking over a huge lake and a grassy plain. When we went in to perform the sun was slowly setting which added to the awesomeness of the whole scenery. The crowd consisted of teens our age which made it even more fun! We got to meet Jax as well, an amazing performer who really put on a show. We had such a blast! Thank you Camp Starlight!

Ivy League Day Camp- This was our last camp which was really sad for us. We grew so close to the whole camplified crew along with all of the fans. Lucky for us this camp was looking for a good time! Everyone was dressed up like rock stars from the 70s, 80′s and 90s! After singing with the kids at activities it was time for our final performance. We saw our friends Blush, Marlee, Karlee and Kaymus. After an amazing finale we signed lots of autographs then it was time to say our goodbyes. It was so sad saying goodbye to everyone but hopefully we will all meet up soon. Now off to the airport headed back to Florida and then LA!

Thank you Camplified for letting us join this amazing experience. We had such an awesome, unforgettable time meeting new friends and making new fans. We will never forget this. Thank you to everyone apart of the crew for doing all that you do. Setting up everything, making the sounds ok, setting up the stage. We really appreciated you all. Thank you once again. God Bless.

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Guest Blog and Video: On The Road With Kaymus

Monday, August 6th, 2012

Camplified band Kaymus are not only one of a bunch of super-talented hard rockers, they’re a bunch of AWESOME guys too! The crew has had a blast hangin’ with this rock n’ roll troupe. Lead singer/guitarist Dante not only wrote a special guest blog, but the band made a video about Camplified. Check out some performances what it’s like to be on the road with this CRAZY bunch!
KAYMUS on the road July 2012 

Hi this is Dante from KAYMUS 
Me and my band mates, Evan, David, and Sam are having a blast on the Camplified tour. After being in the Break Contest for Bamboozle 2012 and playing all winter long untill we got to the finals, we were ready to get back on the road. Playing all July with the team at Camplified has been wild. We have seen more lakes and camps that we ever could imagine and loved every minute of it. You have no idea how dark those roads get going from camp to camp at midnight. 
Heres a little bit of what he have experienced driving all over the eastern US:
We started off our tour going up to Camp Weequahic and had a great time at our first show even though it was 100 degrees. The first thing we saw when we pulled up was Rebecca McGown‘s huge tour bus parked in the middle of the lot. I have seen some great tour busses but this one wins by far so check out our Facebook Page to see it for your self. It was great to play with her and Dan Godlin and we played well into the night as the fireworks blasted on top of us. 
Going up to Camp JCC Kingswood in Maine was great and we got to meet the best campers ever. We swam in their lake even though Sam was a liability and David and I got to bounce off the huge blob thing. Evan watched. We did not want to leave that camp and hope we go back next year.
Rockin' out at JCC Kingswood

Rockin’ out at JCC Kingswood

After that we played at some great day camps in NY and CT and made our way to Surprise Lake Camp in NY. Our sound engineer, Stewart and Jack put together a crazy light and sound show and were definitely the best lights we have ever had in a show. We played in over 100 degree weather and had our own mosh pit going. Definitely coming back there next year. We got to play alot of shows with Ariana and the Rose and Rebecca McGown and closed one show with them, me and a camper Zach, rocking out at the end of the show.

Jam session with campers in Roland/Daisy Rock Tent at Surprise Lake Camp

 I made a short video for you all from the road. It has tons of jams, clips of our shows, what its like in the hotels, and dubstep. Take a peek and tune in next week for more as we start another week of shows at Camplified. We are going back on the road today at 5 pm. Saturday and will be posing on our Facebook and Twitter every night. Playing Dishwasher Fairy, Ray Diabolico, Howard, (our songs) and some covers by Rage Against the Machine, Maroon 5 and Hot Chelle Rae have been a blast, and cant wait to get back on stage for more.  
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Dance Parties and Southern Charm: Camplified Crew Guest Blog

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Crew Member Shannon (left) Handing Out Scholastic Books to Campers

Camplified Crew Member Shannon is loving life on the road, checking out new camps and exploring new places. She wrote guest blog about what it’s like to be a part of the coolest summer concert tour around. Check it out below:
Hey Campers!
When I joined the Camplified  crew, I was so excited to go traveling around to camps in so many amazing and beautiful parts of the country.  As a crew member, I knew I would be seeing so many incredible places that I have never been too. For instance, Surprise Lake Campis less than 30 minutes for my house but seemed like a world away!
Getting the chance to hang out at Eagles Landing the Night Owls Camp in Florida and Blue Ridge Camp in Georgia these last few days has been amazing.  Both camps were gorgeous and full of southern charm.  The crew members got to hang out with Rebecca McGown along with Brandon and Savannah one on one along with other artists.  They are as friendly as they are talented, which is greatly.

Brandon and Savannah at EL&NO Camp

My favorite part of EL&NO Camp was the impromptu dance party crew member Sean aka “DJ Dad Hat” started with the night campers. Those Floridians really know how to dance!  All the artists ran activities and everyone had a blast. 

Awesome Campers at EL&NO Camp

I am sad to leave to leave the South, even with its crazy heat, since I feel like there are so many more good times to be had.  I am so glad that Camplified gave me the opportunity to go see these amazing places and meet the GREAT people who live there! 

-Shannon Rompala


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Fixx8 Magazine Q&A With Rebecca McGown

Saturday, July 28th, 2012


Fixx8 Magazine recently featured Camplified siren Rebecca McGown with a Q&A. Check out the pop/country star talking about her single “It’s Gonna Make You Cry”, her singing career, and Camplified HERE!


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Guest Blog: 3union

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Brother trio 3union has been rockin’ Camplified this season with their awesome riffs and super fun personalities. Brandon, the lead singer and guitarist, wrote a guest blog about what their experience has been like on tour. Check out below, his post about how much fun they’ve been having going from camp to camp, and the memories they are making on the way:

Hey guys, this is Brandon with 3union. Today, we’re driving home after our 4th concert on the Camplified tour. We had the privilege of playing at Blue Ridge Camp in Georgia with our new friends Payton Rae, Rebecca McGown, Wellington, and DJ Salerno for an incredible group of campers and staff.  What an experience!

It started out like every other camp. The Camplified team had everything set up and ready to go. We headed out to teach a guitar clinic at the Daisy Rock Guitars tent. Kids all around us were enjoying all the Cartoon Network events when all of the sudden it started pouring down rain.

Now you may think that would be the end of the activities, but no way! Everyone pitched in to grab guitars, flying tents, sound equipment, whatever needed to be brought in from the storm and set up everything inside where the fun continued.

Let’s just call it teamwork! That’s what Camplified has been for us. From the Camplified team, to the artists, to the sound engineers, and the camps, we’re one big team all working together, cheering for each other, and finishing each night strong in spite of challenging circumstances. All great life lessons!

I’m not joking when I say this has been one of the best tour experiences we’re ever had. We have been encouraged and stretched, gained numerous new friends and fans. I just wish every young artist could have such a positive experience.

It’s hard to believe we only have one more day on the Camplified Tour. We’ll be heading to Camp Tanuga to meet up with Alabama Capital and The Strange Familiar to make our last appearance on the tour. None of us want that day to come! We have had such an amazing time going to different camps, meeting awesome campers and counselors, and having fun with everybody.  I can safely say that my brothers and I will cherish the memories from this adventure the rest of our lives.

Thank you Camplified, Cartoon Network, Daisy Rock, Roland, Scholastic, and all the other sponsors and partners and of course, we want to thank all the camps and campers for making this a summer we will never forget!


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Rebecca McGown Releases Music Video for Single “It’s Gonna Make You Cry”

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Rebecca McGown has been rockin’ Camplified this summer with her powerful voice and pop/country anthems. Rebecca finally put out a music video for her single that the crew has been blasting on rotation since we heard about the young songstress.

The video for “It’s Gonna Make You Cry” was directed by Chris Hicky, known for his work with Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum, and now, Rebecca McGown.

Don’t miss Rebecca’s cinematic debut for her hit single “It’s Gonna Make You Cry”!

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Hittin’ The Road: Crew Guest Blog

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

The Camplified Truck

Hey campers!

Our super awesome crew member, Katie, is giving the dish on what it’s like to be on the road with Camplified. Check out her guest blog below for the lowdown on traveling with your favorite concert tour!

Hello world!

My name is Katie and I am one of the crew members of Camplified. We’ve been on the road for 2 weeks now and it’s been quite a roller coaster. The crew has really gotten to know each other by driving long hours and spending time in hotels together and it has been a lot of fun making new friends.

So far, we have heard the tunes of Dan Godlin, 3union, Rebecca McGown, The Strange Familiar, Ariana and the Rose, Payton Rae, Alabama Capital, Kaymus, Karlee Roberts, Gabby Hernandez, and Disney Channel’s Trevor Jackson.  The crew has a lot of fun rocking out during the concerts after we run our activities during the day.

Ariana from Ariana and the Rose Performing at JCC Camp Kingswood

The activity I run is themed from Cartoon Network’s show Adventure Time and involves pictionary, corn toss, and tug of war.The campers enjoy watching part of Adventure Time and they always know what time it is when I ask (Adventure Time, duh!).

Campers Playing Corn Toss in Adventure Time's Activity

Now we are on our way to Camp Thunderbird in South Carolina, ready for more adventures and fun!

Until next time,

Pretty cool, right? For more updates from the road, follow @steinkatie on Twitter!

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